Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some new pics

It was a nice evening so I thought I would take some pics of my bees. They cooperated too! Since it was a warm evening there were quite a few just hanging out on their "landing pad", or "front porch" which ever you want to call it. I also took some pics of one of our peach trees that are LOADED down with peaches. Think pollination from the bees helped that out? I do. The peaches are taste gooood too!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Northside Honey Bees now has it's own fan page on Facebook. You can find it by using the search tool that Facebook provides, just type in Northside Honey Bees! Even though I do not have any honey to sell yet, I feel that there is nothing wrong with getting your name out there. Everyone is Facebooking and Twittering now so there is no reason not to be connected. As soon as the honey and related products are ready I just update the status on our Facebook page and, as the late Billy Mays would say, BAMM! Everyone that has came to the page and signed up knows right away that we got honey! I am super excited. I am already thinking about getting some shirts with a little honey bee and Northside Honey Bees wrote in the breast pocket area...think they would sell...??? I would wear one. Also some hats would be nice. Those type of things would make great gifts to relatives and friends, and also another way to get our name out there. I guess I am easily excitable, but I love doing this! I love keeping bees!
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